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Meet Sherri

SHERRI L. HOGANS (Founder) has worked in the medical industry for over 30 years, working in all areas from front office, provider credentialing, claims processing and account representative follow-up area. She created Hogans Consulting and Training with the goal of helping improve the overall knowledge and education in the Revenue Cycle Billing Operations and has been dedicated to this work ever since.

Hogans received her master's and bachelor's degree from Columbia Southern University in Business Administration with a concentration in Healthcare Administration. She is a business professional and authoress, who expertly balanced her career, family, and community outreach. Her book entitled Revenue Cycle Billing Operations Patient Registration - The Ultimate Reimbursement will soon be available for purchase soon.

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Achievement and Enhancement Focus

Revenue Cycle Billing Operations consist of several departments. In order to move the office in getting the accurate amount of revenue, there are several areas within a department that will need to be reviewed, enhanced and/or revamped. The main areas that will cause an office to lose revenue is registration, coding, insurance, and AR follow-up. Hogans Consulting and Training will develop a process to improve the overall education of the staff in order to produce quality as well as quantity performance in each department by preventing medical errors, quality of service, confidentiality of the patient, adequate resources, accurate registration, claims processing, robust insurance verification, and accurate medical coverage filing.

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